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Postby middle aged female » Wed Aug 09, 2017 5:01 pm

Craig wrote:Through the power of the interweb I determined that in all likelihood the diverter on the shower/tub's valve was shot. Online, Delta faucets want $30 plus shipping for a replacement part but I felt that I had scored in that I found a local plumbing supply place with what I needed for only $20. There's not much to the part (see below) so I removed and inspected the old, beat-up and calcified original. The big black plastic tab on the back of the part (again: see below) was missing from the original so I deduced that this must be packaging and so after some vigorous snipping with side-cutters the offending tab was gone and I installed the new diverter aaaaannnnndddd..... the damn thing leaked as bad as ever. WTF?! It turns out that the little tab is critical, not packaging, and that the tab had broken off from the original and was bouncing around inside the valve which was why I hadn't seen it on the dead part. Fortunately between the broken part and the chopped up new part I was able to cobble together a working temporary solution and so the girls and Ma are able to bathe without invading my sanctum in the basement bathroom, but I'll have to buy another part in order to have a permanent fix. $20 + $20 > $29.50 + shipping, I fear.


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