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Postby The Suburban Avenger » Wed Apr 12, 2017 1:14 pm

Craig wrote:
The Suburban Avenger wrote:I needed to get something from the office at Valpo that issues student IDs and parking passes. The kid in front of me had a beef because he'd gotten his third parking ticket for parking in the wrong lot (yeah, it's a racket, but ignorance of said racket is no defense) and proceeded to whine about how unfair this was because his friends park there all the time and never get tickets and he should get a break because he's already tight on money and ...

He finally just paid the ticket.

Heaven help this young man if he ever finds himself in front of a judge in the near future.

Millennials, right? This younger generation can claim the moral high ground for caring about green house gases and recycling, but they truly can be a bunch of babies in comparison to the earlier generations. I don't intend for this to become a political shit-slinging match, but I rolled my eyes at the actual tears that flowed with the Trump electoral victory when I remember the days when "vote the black slate" billboards filled Detroit. In those days people just soldiered on. And then there was the millennial-type who would burst into tears if I gave him what he regarded as too many projects at work. I'm talking shoulder-shaking sobs... until I was able to assemble the case for HR to give him the heave-ho I took to keeping a box of tissue in my office for the inevitable outbursts.

Of course I'm not 100% against tears or pleading. Some years ago I got a speeding ticket (if you know how I drive you'd be asking how in the hell it came to pass that I met let alone broke the limit), caught the kind of break where they write you up for ten not 20 over, and then asked for a court date. At the court house and before appearing the local PD court officer approached me to ask what I was up to after having been gifted in the way that I already mentioned. "What am I going to do? I'm going to go up there and burst into tears, and then I'm going to open my wallet to show the judge the pictures of all of my kids!" The guy actually laughed and then agreed to work with me to plead out as an equipment violation so that I'd still pay the fine (& court cost) but avoid the points. Cha-ching.

Indiana has some sort of deal where your first offense basically gets 'forgotten' and never makes its way to your record if you A) pay the court costs, which were $130, and B) maintain a clean driving record for six months.
A racket is a racket and the little city court where I got caught speeding kept feeding the bulldog. I'm a lot more aware of the speed limits on back roads in northwest Indiana as a result.

As for millennials, what really pisses me off is the time spent bemoaning the rules and their percieved unfairness almost always seems to dwarf the time spent working to change the rules.
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