Aw, look. Ray's Got Himself a Little Friend

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Aw, look. Ray's Got Himself a Little Friend

Postby Invigilator » Mon Sep 14, 2009 7:42 am

He's about three feet tall and threatens people to feel more secure about himself.

September 12th, 2009, 10:53 PM
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hey Dorky, Since you new here, you get a pass for taking a swipe at Ray; however, just to let you know Ray is off limits in the fuck-with department.

Today, 06:51 AM
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Frank Sinatra was not be an expert on intercultural communication or ethics, but at least he'd advanced beyond the thinking of a set of iron age pastoralists.

iron age: 1500 to 500 BC
pastoralists: nomadic livestock herders

WTF? Frank Sinatra has more advanced ethics than sheep herders of long ago? How so?

How is Frank more advanced than said folk? How are those folk not almost the textbook example of free marketeers envisioned by Libertarians? Self directed, in touch with environmental realities, border-less, stateless, in addition to being the direct spreaders of ethic diversity through established migration patterns....

So you are saying that using Frank Sinatra as an illustrative tool in ethnic and cultural relativism is a more advanced communicative tool than ancient stock herders, or are you saying that long dead examples of Libertarianism are not as PC as martini swillers from the hipster/gangster era?

Or are you saying that Ray and I are "a set of Iron Age pastoralists" and therefore not as enlightened as you and Frank? Or did you tie yourself up in linguistic gymnastics and cannot find a better way to get out of a trick bag of your own making?

oh, one last thing sweetie, don't meh Ray.
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