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Re: HFD The End of Times

Postby D-Day » Mon Apr 10, 2017 9:24 pm

The Beav wrote:So I shouldn't send this link to her?

Absuolutely not (I double dog dare you)
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Re: HFD The End of Times

Postby vlad the impaler » Wed Jun 21, 2017 9:28 am

Well, it's looking more and more like we are headed towards nuclear Armageddon. Two years ago, the experts were saying the odds were "extremely remote". One year ago, the experts were saying "very unlikely". Now they are saying "with increasing odds."

Russia has now stated that US aircraft will be targeted in the skies over Syria. Buzzing of US planes and ships is becoming more common in the Baltic Sea. Little incidents lead to proxy wars. Proxy wars become real wars.

I watched the Oliver Stone interviews of Putin last week. It was more of a ball tonguing by Stone than an interview, but it did provide a glimpse into Putin's thought process. He came across as articulate and focused, and his perceptions were clearly paranoid when it came to NATO, US involvement in Syria, and the ultimate destiny of the world. It was obvious he was willing to push things to the brink of war if he thought he could get away with it. And willing to go farther if he felt threatened.

The more I'm reading what the experts are saying, the more I am dismissing the notion that all life on earth will be reduced to ash in a matter of seconds. Instead, the consensus is the opposite. Experts believe there will be two mutual volleys of missiles- the first would target military bases, government facilities, airports, and power plants. Then would come retaliatory strikes- mainly aimed at population centers- but by then, the capability will be largely reduced. Not to say that major urban areas won't be hit, they will, just that it might not be as extensive as one might think. Experts predict a loss of 50 mil in the US, with 300 mil surviving.

So say Detroit does get hit with a nuke. What then?

There is a site to check and see if you'll be instantly vaporized, covered in 2nd degree burns, or mostly just dealing with broken glass:


Now I am in somewhat of a predicament because I work downtown, but reside beyond the outer ring of fire. So I hope this doesn't happen during the workday, or I'm toast. One thing I've been reading though is we won't be surprised, as the geo-political factors will be such that work and school will be shut down and will we all be shuttered in basements knowing the two countries are imminently preparing for attack.

Assuming it is a limited strike scenario, and the damage isn't as extensive as 1980s Hollywood imagined, most experts are advising to be prepared to stay indoors for at least two weeks to let the fallout disperse. I'm good to go on having several weeks of food and plenty of ammo (in case unprepared neighbors show up). I don't have sanitary arrangements though and don't want to have to use the kitchen sink as a shitter so I am buying a Lugable Loo at Dicks Sporting Goods this week for $17.99 (it's nothing more than a five gallon bucket with a toilet seat but I can put that out in the garage and maybe get a bag of lime to neutralize the odor). Also, I have my own well with the well head in my front yard so I'm researching different emergency pumps for it. Some even have the tubing, so all I would need to do is remove the top of the well head, feed the tubing down, then I would be able to get good clean water. Anyways, now's a good time to be assessing your level of preparedness as there is no worse feeling than, "I knew that might happen but I didn't do what I should have to deal with it." Maybe be a good idea to get several sheets of plywood too because the experts are saying even if you live 100 miles from Ground Zero, the shock waves will shatter windows.
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Re: HFD The End of Times

Postby Craig » Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:41 pm

The problem with a survivability calculator like that ^ is that it assumes one bomb and this bomb is dropped on city hall. Assuming that only one weapon targets Detroit,well, what are the odds that a missile launched in Siberia will traverse the globe and hit smack dab into the outstretched palm of the Spirit of Detroit? Things in the physical world are subject to variables and interferences that hardly exist in the realm of data and internet, and so I expect that the one bomb scenario sees that thing ranging to almost anywhere in the greater metro area meaning expectations of surviving the initial blast may be too optimistic. A dozen miles or so in any direction will mean a lot.

My second thought centers upon the proposition of a single bomb: one, only one? Why one large bomb or missile which, given a lucky shot by the interceptors, negates the entire attack? More likely, I think, that civilian targets will be peppered, with weapons targeted across the metro in grid strategy akin to what we learned as kids playing Battleship. Do this and all or most of Detroit is toast along with the industrial satellites of Flint, Toledo, and maybe Lansing.

I certainly don't want to die (I'm working on a bastard of repair job for an exterior door -window trim has deteriorated- and if we're all about to get smoked then damnit I going back to enjoying my evenings) but I'm afraid of what comes after the ground stops shaking. I assume that the economy halts almost completely meaning that survivors all have new jobs as their personal departments of defense and agriculture. Are people really ready to live as subsistence farmers for a year or five or forever? Do people have the land and skills and basic supplies to grow their own food while holding back scavenging animals and starving people armed with guns and clubs? This post-apocalypse life will not be one of bucolic pastures and Walnut Grove. Rather it will be a time of hunger, cold, and misery, and in short order we will all discover just how far modern life has taken us from the basics that were the norm for most of mankind's pre-industrial past. What was the population of the US when we actually were farmers and could work all day? Fifty million? Is there land enough where it is needed to keep the additional 250MM of us going? Stop the US economy and most of us die miserable deaths within a few years, and many who do not live on as emaciated, always-hungry skeletons without any of the nice things that we take for granted today (e.g. TP, table salt, soap, lights, a warm room, etc.)
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Re: HFD The End of Times

Postby vlad the impaler » Wed Jun 21, 2017 8:38 pm

This post-apocalypse life will not be one of bucolic pastures and Walnut Grove. Rather it will be a time of hunger, cold, and misery

Oh, I'm not disagreeing. When a windstorm outs the power for a couple of days, it causes all grades of problems in my world. No running water. No stove to cook on. Food goes bad. No laundry. No A/C or heat. Only darkness and quiet. Imagine that being the situation for a month, or six months, or maybe even years.

For who knows how long, there would be no power. No fuel at gas stations. No food in grocery stores. No pharmacies with medicine. No sanitation. No cellphone. No internet. Just groups of cold, sickly, dirty people huddled around fires, cooking orphaned pets, where no rule of law exists, only a total breakdown of social norms. I would imagine families would merge into larger clusters to share resources and offer protection from the hungry, violent, marauding hordes.

I recall watching those prepper shows on tv only three or four years ago and scratching my head whenever someone was building an underground bunker for day when WWIII happened. Such prospect seemed remote and untenable at the time. But then this hostile event happened followed by that response followed by this mini-crisis followed by that build up of tanks here or missiles there followed by this aggressive action, etc. and now we are at a place where the pieces are all in place for a large conflict. If/when the clock strikes midnight, many will perish immediately, many more will perish in the following days, and many will be left to carry on under most horrendous conditions, wishing they were among the ones vaporized in a fireball.
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Re: HFD The End of Times

Postby gnome » Thu Jun 22, 2017 1:45 pm

Mattis with put a bullet through that Lemonade colored combover before those tiny hands get ahold of TheNuclearFootball.

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