Highland Park Model T Plant Restoration

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Highland Park Model T Plant Restoration

Postby Doctor Detroit » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:52 pm

Figured this could use its own thread. Perhaps Andy could make it a sticky for a while?

These buildings at Ford Highland Park have sat empty and deteriorated for decades, another example of Detroit's decline. With your help, WA3 will change that.

As a champion of all things on M-1(Woodward Avenue), we are seizing the opportunity to buy these Ford Highland Park plant buildings. Once we own them, we will raise money to restore them to what they once were, and open its doors to the public so everyone, including you, can be where Henry Ford once stood.

We are nearly 80% of the way towards our goal! We have $125,000 left to raise by September 19 and every dollar counts. We are in a competiton called the RYOT Challenge, and the charity that raises the most money online will win $75,000. In addition, donations to our campaign will go four times farther because the State of Michigan is matching every $1 you donated with $4 up to $400,000.

If you, your family, or friends worked for Ford, drove a Ford, or just love cars and want to restore a National Landmark with a rich heritage in our town, skip that ice latte today and donate to our $5 A-Day Ford Highland Park campaign!


Here's the T-Shirt you get with a $100+ donation, designed by Chris from DetroitGT.

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